Was macht ein Lead Back End Engineer? Igor Rusinov von TourRadar

Was macht ein Lead Back End Engineer? Igor Rusinov von TourRadar

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I started programming in university, so this is where I for first time got access to unlimited internet. I was really curious how the internet works, how to build websites – so I started to read some articles and books about PHP and JavaScript which are the main, more proper languages for web development.

In a couple of months as I got my first order to build a website, this is how it became not just a hobby, but a job. Then, after university I started work fulltime as a web developer, so I learned about code quality, unit tests, application architecture and many, many things that you need to know in order to be a back end developer.

And after a couple of years I came to TourRadar where I work now for 6 years.

Back End Engineering

My current position is lead back end engineer and in this role I'm involved in all stages of product development, from idea to solution design, to implementing everything in the code. What I find challenging – but also interesting – in this position is that I should always think a few steps ahead as I'm responsible for a couple of projects in the company. I'm responsible for my solutions to be scalable, easy to support and maintain in the future.

Also some of my teams changes might affect other teams, so I should predict all sorts of situations and communicate it to other team techleads or coordinator initiatives that span across multiple teams.


When it comes to technologies that I prefer – we at TourRadar started to use more and more serverless applications. I find this concept really interesting and helpful! It allows us to launch new projects very quickly, they're scalable and cost efficient because we only pay for the resources that we actually use and as we host everything at AWS, we use their services such as Lambda Functions, DynamoDB, datastorage, Step Functions and API Gateway to build more complex workflows – so pretty much everything in AWS provides in that field.

Getting Started

If you want to become a programmer, first of all you should find a field that is interesting to you, for me it was web development. But it might be games, mobile applications – there are a lot of fields where programming is applicable. I find it easy to learn by doing, so I would recommend to find some tutorial, article or video. It usually allows you to build some real application in a couple of hours.

But once you've finished something, it really motivates you to learn more and more. And also those articles usually do not work as expected out of the box, so you will need to fix some of your own issues, you will need to read through the documentations, so you'll find more useful resources to learn more about those technologies.

When it comes to keeping myself up to date, the main source for me would be my job, as we constantly monitor how we could improve our systems. So there is a lot of space to try new things at work. Otherwise, obviously I read some books, watch videos about technologies that are interesting to me and then I also subscribed to a couple of newsletters for example about AWS, about PHP and frameworks that we use.



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Igor Rusinov

Lead Back End Engineer

Interview im April 2022