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    Job Technologien

    Deine Rolle im Team

    1. Build and maintain the native products that make up the core platform of the Klarna app.
    2. Architect, build and maintain our native Stocard Android app. Tackle challenges and find creative ways to implement new features, using the best available technologies like Kotlin, RxJava or Coroutines.
    3. Work with large scale, highly available and resilient modern financial systems.
    4. Be an integral part of a cross-functional team, in addition to its culture and ways of working. Common practices include agile methodologies, pair and mob programming.
    5. Work with automated deployment enabling code release multiple times a day and native app releases on a fixed schedule.
    6. Succeed, fail, and learn together with other talented people. We believe in an environment that provides an opportunity for growth and sees education as an outcome of failure that gets us closer to the next breakthrough.

    Unsere Erwartungen an dich


    • Love for solving technical challenges with other talented teammates.
    • Ability to take over responsibility and drive the development of exciting and impactful new features and products.
    • A passion for writing clean and testable code.


    • Experience building Android mobile applications and a solid understanding of the Android platform, ecosystem and good coding skills with Kotlin (we use 100% Kotlin and no Java anymore).
    • An agile mindset and experience with Agile practices (Pairing, TDD, BDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery).



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      Standort Mannheim



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    Klarna AG

    Klarna AG

    Klarna was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2005. Since then, we've changed the banking industry forever. And now we're creating the world's smooothest shopping experience. We serve 80 million consumers worldwide, and partner with 190,000 merchants - with a new merchant joining us every 8 minutes.


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    Banken, Finanz, Versicherung
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    Android Engineer

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