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Big Data Engineer Services Analyst


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    Unbefristetes Dienstverhältnis
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    Landkreis Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm
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    1. Know the raw data, know SQL, and have the capabilities to export the data and transform it to the preferred format.
    2. Make things happen in IT-managed environments: Once experiments have proven a process's value, you start to automate it so that data is collected, cleansed, integrated, and made available.
    3. Depending on the target operating model, you can perform the operations by yourself(DevOps)
    4. Develop, construct, test and maintain architectures
    5. Collecting data and "datawrangling", i.e. transforming, cleansing and linking with other data
    6. Provide data sets for machine data models; determine relationships between data source attributes
    7. Apply data mining techniques to perform statistical analysis
    8. Development and implementation of program prototypes, mainly in Python and Bash
    9. Support in the implementation of proof-of-concept and projects within the Community
    10. Promote new working methods and new data governance models
    11. Present the results to different target groups; from engineers to managers
    12. Sharing and exchanging knowledge with other teams and in cooperation with the Airbus Digital Teams

    Unsere Erwartungen an dich


    • M.Sc. or equivalent in Computer Science or a similar field
    • Expertise in data integration and management, in particular in the automated integration of a variety of data sources
    • Secure handling of the usual software engineering practices: continuous integration (Jenkins, etc.), DevOps, version control (git, etc.), code quality (pylint, etc.), design reviews, ETL (Airflow, etc.), testing (DocTest, pyTest, etc.)
    • Expertise in automated data pre-processing
    • Knowledge of Kubernetes, Spark, cluster management (in particular: monitoring, optimisation, auditing, etc.)
    • Deep knowledge of programming in Python (in particular: pySpark, pandas, matplolib, sci-kit learn, etc.)

    This job requires an awareness of any potential compliance risks and a commitment to act with integrity, as the foundation for the Company's success, reputation and sustainable growth.



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    • Standort Landkreis Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm

      Standort Landkreis Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm



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    Airbus Deutschland GmbH

    Airbus Deutschland GmbH

    Airbus ist ein renommiertes Luft- und Raumfahrtunternehmen mit Dienstleistungen, die weltweit Maßstäbe setzen.


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    Big Data Engineer Services Analyst

    Landkreis Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm

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